Welcome to Oryza

is a leader in the industry when it comes to rice production initiatives; it is an established global & multidimensional company which solely focuses on its client’s success and their key business requirements.

The company’s presence is strategically located in multiple hemispheres of the globe making it truly accessible to our global audience.
The goal is to provide a complete end to end solution to our global clients with a wide range of rice exports including multiple classifications of rice available in the global marketplace.
Oryza uses a complete range of rice processing machines right from cleaning to hulling & polishing, optical sorters, control systems and accessories to meet the needs of the rice milling industry.

Oryza rice mills are engineered to perfection to maximize yield of head rice, minimize product breakage and deliver consistent product quality. Oryza mills are characterized by efficient power consumption hence making it a Green industry standard. Oryza’s global leadership in rice milling stems from intensive research and development; vast world-wide experience in the setting up of rice mills as well as synergy with many other technologies in grain processing.

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ORTEX Z+ Optical Sorter

The SORTEX Z+ is the world leading optical sorter in its area of application. It determines the purity of input product with exceptional accuracy


Excellent quality is founded upon effective cleaning of the grain. Oryza thoroughly and economically removes coarse and fine impurities, stones

What's Oryza?

The destoner is applied for the efficient separation of stones and metal, glass, and other high-density impurities from a stream of grain. Its throughput